World Pasta Day?

Ok apparently its world pasta day today, I never realised there was such a thing and why didn’t anyone tell me? I only just missed national curry week recently! So anyway after a long day I came home and decided to do a post about some basic pasta shapes to celebrate this spaghetti fest. With Italian being my favorite cuisine I thought it would be rude not to so here we go with some nice pasta variants. I made a dough with 300g tipo 00 flour and 3 eggs to see me through rerolling it if needed..

  • Farfalle. These are the little bow tie shaped pasta you see and are quite fun. Simply roll out your dough until you reach the thinnest you can and cut into little rectangles with a crinkled pasta trimmer, they should be about an inch long. Pinch the edge of the pasta from the middle and bring it into the center, do the same on the other side and then squeeze both edges together to the center to form the bow tie. Hmm might go well with my suit…
  • Ravioli. A stuffed pasta usually filled with meats. Roll out your dough on the thinnest setting and cut into squares, place your desired filling in the center and top with another square sheet sealing the edges tightly with water or egg wash. Try and squeeze all the air out to avoid explosions in the pan. I used pasta dough here to mimic a filling, please don’t do that.
  • Trofie. A thin twist of pasta from somewhere in northern Italy I believe. Roll out some pasta dough into a long sausage shape similar to the way you make gnocchi and cut into little pieces about 3cm long also similar to gnocchi. Take a piece of the dough and from the palm of your hand roll it down the length of your fingers holding it firmly, it should thin out nicely and develop a little twist. This can also be achieved by running a knife or dough scraper over the pasta on a work surface but I prefer the hands on method.
  • Garganelli. Very nearly identical to Penne but handmade instead of made with a machine. A common pasta enjoyed with duck ragu I read. Roll out your dough on the thinnest setting of a pasta machine then cut into squares 2×2 inches, using a garganelli paddle pinch the top corner against your rolling pin and roll down the length of your board to create a tube shaped pasta resembling penne.
  • Tortellini. Another stuffed pasta often filled with meat or cheese, sometimes both. Sometimes called belly button pasta. Again roll out your dough until the thinnest setting has been achieved on your pasta machine and cut into discs about 3 inches in diameter, add your filling to the center then fold in half. Put your finger on the center of the tortellini and fold both side of the pasta over your finger and press firmly to seal using egg wash or water. Ensure all edges are sealed and all of the air is pushed out.
  • Angels hair, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle and Pappardelle. For the angels hair yet again roll out the dough with your pasta machine until the thinnest setting is reached and put it through the spaghetti attachment on your pasta maker, it should be extremely thin hence the name. For the spaghetti do the same but stop rolling when you reach setting number three then proceed to spaghettify. Yes spaghettify. Again for the tagliatelle do the same but on the thinnest setting then put it through the tagliatelle attachment on your machine. Now for the pappardelle roll out your dough yes you guessed it on the thinnest setting then cut into long strips about an inch in width, I like to use my crinkled cutter for this so they look pretty like me.

DSC_0056From the left Angels hair, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle and my Pappardelle.

Well I hope everyone had a great world pasta day, I had fun. I’ll probably post again in future with some more interesting shapes but for today I just kept it basic because its been a long one. Buon appetito!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful description s of various pasta shapes

    1. Hi thanks! Will do some more in future, I had been at work and was too tired to do anymore last night!

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