Steak with Triple Cooked Chips and Proper Peppercorn Sauce.

Steak is always a treat to eat and today I thought I would make it extra special by making a proper peppercorn sauce with brandy and green peppercorns accompanied with some amazing triple cooked chips. I saw the chips made by a chef called Tom Kerridge you might have heard of him, lovely bloke. He cuts them with an apple corer into tubular shapes then boils them, next blanches them in a fryer at 130 degrees and then cooks again in the fryer at 190, the results are fantastic, the best chips I ever made easily. I’m using a ribeye steak today as it is my favorite, the marbling has to be good and the fat must be rendered down enough, lets go for around medium.

Ribeye steak, triple cooked chips and peppercorn sauce for one, cook time 20 minutes, serves one. Ingredients:

  • 1 ribeye steak or steak of your choice
  • 1tbsn cracked black pepper plus extra to season
  • 1tspn green peppercorns in brine
  • Salt to season
  • 6 good sized maris piper or russet potatoes
  • 150ml double cream
  • 4tbspn Worcestershire sauce
  • A good shot of brandy

First make the chips, core out the potatoes until you have a good handful of them (make sure you keep a couple extra incase you have any accidents.) Now boil them in salted water for around 5 minutes, you must be very careful not to overboil or they will fall apart and its game over. Once boiled drain them and pat dry with kitchen paper, now they are ready to fry.

Deep fry the chips on 130 degrees Celsius for about another 5 minutes, drain them off then quickly season with salt and sit them in a freezer for 5 minutes, this helps them crisp up even better when they are fried for the final time. While the chips are cooling turn your fryer up to 190 degrees then proceed to deep fry your chips once more, cook until beautiful and golden then season with a bit more salt if needed, plate them up, I went for the jenga effect with mine.img_0581

Now season and griddle or pan fry your steak to your liking whilst you quickly make the pepper sauce. First gently warm the pepper and peppercorns in a pan until it is hot enough to flambe the brandy, once all the alcohol has burned off you can add the Worcestershire sauce and boil for 2 minutes, next add the cream and just allow to simmer a couple of minutes whilst your steak rests. Plate the steak and sauce up and enjoy, I added a bit of grilled tomato to mine too. These are definitely the best chips ever and worth the hassle completely, hope you will try them too.img_0586

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  1. This looks freaking delicious!! 🤤

    1. Hi thankyou! not bad for a quick working lunch hey lol

  2. Sammeh says:

    Mouth watering!

    1. Thank you it really was fantastic

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