Double Chocolate Cheesecake.

No baking, quick to make, extremely rich and heavy this is one of my favorite desserts, I have made many many different varieties but this one is up there with the best. It is definitely something you should only eat once in a while as the calories are through the roof, it used to be given to athletes in the old Olympics to give them energy as it is rammed with sugar to keep them going… wow. In a lot of recipes for no bake cheesecakes gelatin is used but not in this one because all of the chocolate in it helps to firm the cake up once it is cooled, this also gives it a fantastic texture. So with only 5-10 minutes cooking time and just a little whipping, mixing and crushing biscuits here is my recipe:

  • 300g ginger or digestive biscuits (I used ginger but digestives are just as good)
  • 600g cream cheese
  • 300g white cooking chocolate
  • 300g dark cooking chocolate
  • 400ml double cream
  • 3tbsn icing/confectioners sugar
  • 125g butter

To begin gently melt your butter in a saucepan or the microwave whilst to crush down your biscuits in a bowl, I like to use a rolling pin to do this until they resemble sand. You could alternatively use a food processor to blitz them if you have one, both work the same. With that done proceed to stir in the melted butter with a spoon then in a springform cake tin (a 30 inch diameter one) lined with baking parchment press the biscuit mixture evenly onto the bottom and allow to cool in a fridge whilst you make your filling

To make the filling whisk the cream in a tabletop mixer until quite stiff then gently mix through the cream cheese and icing sugar. Separate this mixture into two separate bowls in equal quantities For the chocolate set up a bain marie on your stove and melt the chocolates separately, once both are melted mix them into the two bowls of cheesecake mix, one bowl will be your dark chocolate mix and the other your white chocolate, reserve a little dark chocolate for topping the cake with.

working quickly now before the chocolate starts to set, remove the cheesecake base from the fridge and add the dark chocolate mixture to the base, press it to the bottom firmly and smooth over with a spatula or pallet knife. Once nice, even and smoothed over you can add the white chocolate mixture, repeat the smoothing over process as before and then top off with the remaining melted dark chocolate again smoothing over with a pallet knife.

Put the cheesecake back in the fridge and allow to set for around an hour, once set you can cut into portions and serve, I like to use berries with this such as raspberries or strawberries, the acidity in them cuts through the rich chocolate and cream beautifully.

And that’s it, quick, simple and absolutely delicious although not so forgiving on the waistline… give it a try.

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